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One guy. One beard. One forge.

Welcome to Boone Forks Forge, where my aimless tinkering becomes your lovely decor!  I've been swinging a hammer since I was a child growing up on the mouth of the Boone River in central energetic child of a man who just wanted "some peace and quiet to nap, for crying out loud".  Dad learned fast that he could send us kids out to the forge to keep us occupied for most of a day, heating and bending scrap steel we found laying around into even more mangled scrap steel.  Over the years, my skills improved and my love for blacksmithing has become more than just a hobby.  I currently make a variety of knives, horseshoe art, jewelry, bottle openers, and other hand-forged gifts and I also have been known to dabble in handcrafted wood items that incorporate some iron work.  All my products are hammered out by hand in the traditional method; no two pieces are completely identical.  Stop by and check for new products often, you never know what may show up!

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