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Ty Murray

This is my first adventure into...well, all of this.  Selling products, being a business owner, even social media if you can believe it.  I'm really kind of a hermit.  It's time that my backyard hobby steps up, however.  That forge is like a 20 year old still living at home whose mom just broke his dinner plate: gonna have to start paying its own bills.  As with most good things in my life, I owe a big thanks to my other half, Darcy Runestad.  She's been putting up with me for 15 years, and this adventure wouldn't even be happening without her.  Literally.  I can't run a computer to save my life, so if she hadn't been willing to set this all up I'd still just be tinkering in the backyard    So here we are, here's who I am and what I do.  I make stuff that I think people enjoy, and that's pretty satisfying.  Thanks for checking out my website, hope you're glad you stopped by!


  • Jess McDonald on

    Love your heart horse shoes. I will be making an order for the wedding style soon. Sorry it will be a rush order . I moved and lost your business card. Keep your fire hot and your steel hard!

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