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About us

In my lifetime I've had some interesting jobs.  I've cooked, thrown countless square bales, been an armed guard on the Kate Shelley High Bridge, built and repaired hundreds of grain bins, done more roofing than I even want to remember, cooked some more, roofed some more...but throughout all of it blacksmithing has always found a way into my life.  I like forming metal into new and different things, listening to the ring of the hammer and knowing what each sound means for the piece I'm working on. It's relaxing and nerve-wracking all at once and it's been one of my favorite ways to spend my time since I was a little kid. 

My childhood backyard, also known as the Boone Forks if you want to get fancy.


What I said in the introduction about my dad sending us out to the forge to get out of his hair was the truth.  I grew up on a little acreage in rural Stratford Iowa, right where the Boone and Des Moines Rivers converge, which meant I had miles of timber and river bottom to roam. We were very self-sufficient and practical, and that upbringing has served me well in life.  I grew up working with my hands, learning skills that have been passed from father to son for centuries.  Whether it's blacksmithing, building things, or even butchering and smoking our own meat, I am proud to be keeping old traditions alive to this day.  I look at Boone Forks Forge as a way to spread my love of metalwork as well as a chance to bring a touch of the past to this modern existence we find ourselves in.  I strive to offer unique high-quality products at a reasonable price that you'll be able to keep for generations.  Thanks for taking some time to check out Boone Forks Forge, and I hope you find something here that interests you! 


Ty Murray,